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The top Free Keyword tools to find valuable keywords for your affiliate site

By Craig / June 9, 2017

There are many keyword tools out there that can help you with your affiliate marketing and blogs, however not all keyword tools are created equal.
Keyword research tends can be quite complicated and confusing when you are getting started so here some simple tools that will get you up and running.
Why are keyword tools important you may ask?
If you are writing content for your website you must be able to help people solve their problems. This is a must if you want to make decent income online. And because of this it is always useful to know what probelms people are searching for in Google’s search engine. Having the correct keywords in your meta titles, descriptions and blog content will help attract Googles search bot engines and gain valuable organic traffic to your site.
There are two types of traffic.
Paid Traffic and Organic Traffic. This article focuses on organic traffic as this is what we use as affiliate marketers i.e traffic that comes directly from google when people are searching for answers to their questions. We also use paid traffic but that will be a separate article.
Here are the a couple of free keyword tools and some tips on how to use them.
I go into more detail about finding easy to rank for keywords in my free 7 day course

Tool No 1. Google Keyword Planner.

If you create a free Google Adwords account you will have access to their free keyword tool. This will give you an indication on traffic volumes and be helpful in determining traffic volumes for your topic of choice or niche.

The downside as you can see above is the search volumes are very loose i.e 100-1000. This is not very helpful for us so to overcome this use a free tool called “Keywords Everywhere” which will help with giving the actual search volumes. This can be installed on your browser to find volumes automatically as shown below or use their website and copy in bulk keywords which is also shown below.

There are two ways to do this.
The first is to search google for individual words and these will show underneath the word as shown below. This comes when you install the tool on your browser which is very easy to do. They have good instructions on the download site.

Or you can bulk search keywords as shown below by clicking on the icon in your web browser.



Sign up for your free account here

My favourite tool!!

At kwfinder you get one free account for 3 words with up to fifty results which covers you off for starting out.  What I love about this tool is how they give volume of searches for long tailed traffic. Long Tailed traffic is very important to us affiliate marketers and long tail traffic is where the money is. (much easier to rank for)
The information provided by these guys at Kw is outstanding. You can see what your competition is doing plus what keywords your market is searching for.
By entering your competitions website you can then see the top keywords they are ranking for and this will give you some ideas on what to target. But the main benefit is you can get long tailed keyword volumes.
Also you can localise by city and region.

What are long tailed Searches?
So for example if we  do some searches in Google to see what we get “prompted” to search for as shown below these are “long tailed Searches” The problem with these are we do not know the volume of searches .


If we add a letter at the end of the search term we get even more suggestions

Tool No 3. SEM Keyword Tool.

This free and paid tool has some distinct advantages over other tools and is my go-to tool for checking keyword volumes and for getting keyword ideas from my competitors. A very simple strategy is to find out who the main competition is in your choosen topic and use this tool to research the keywords.
So for example if we were wanting to write an article about “Best Fishing Kayaks Under $1000” we can enter this word into Google and find the no 1 site. We can see there are 480 searches per month (Keywords Everywhere Web App) and we can see the number one site that is ranking.

From there we can enter the No one site into SEM to see what valuable keywords they are also ranking for which can be a good guideline for our article and most likely trigger some content ideas for us.
Researching good keywords is a great way to craft out the best possible content.

For example thanks to SEM we see there is another keyword with more traffic which tells us there are more searches by people who are looking for cheaper fishing Kayaks so this could be a great article to write i.e Best Fishing Kayak reviews and have sections of the articles on under $1000, Under $600, Under $300 etc

Click below for a very powerful free keyword tool.

Click here for a free trial

About the author


Craig is a Freedom Marketer and has been an affiliate marketer and a local business Marketer since 2002. He built his first ECommerce website selling used car manuals in 1998 (Coding was a bit different back then) and has been online ever since. Craig helped build a successful Digital Marketing Agency in New Zealand and currently spends his time Internet Marketing and Fishing